Cricket basic rules – how to play

When it comes down to sports, everyone can pick something they like and practice it or play it out of fun. It is just like music, only that it really improves one’s health and some other important skills, that is why each escort does sports. There are some really active types of sports like football and other ones that are based mostly on skills like golf and archery. However, you can choose ones that are right in the middle of the spectrum and go with cricket, for example. Everyone, even escorts, love this sport and it is one that people like to watch, so you will come across quite a few sports and cricket news. results, scores and such things once you start enjoying it.

cricketWhat makes it the right choice?

The main reason why people play cricket is that it is a combination of everything, skills and movement. However, you don’t need to be in top form to play it, because there is no real running or anything involved, unless when celebrating a win. It is old and there is a great probability that even your grandparents have played it, so you can bond together while playing sports, which is hardly doable. On the other hand it isn’t that expensive and pretentious like golf and it doesn’t require acres of land, nor any special equipment. You and your escort India from Escort Directory will be able to play it in your garden, once you get into it, but you will also find fields and actual clubs where you can go and play it with others. The rules are quite simple, there are no complicated score charts and you will be able to easily follow the results during the game. One more great thing about it, is that it will bring you much closer to some incredible escorts that enjoy this sport very much and like to play in company of interesting people.

The rules are simple

Cricket is a team sport, unless you choose and play the practicing version in your backyard. The two opposite teams are made up of 11 players and each of them have a position in the game, just like with most sports. The person who throws the ball is called a bowler and the one who hits it with the bat is a batsman and he must make 6 legal deliveries in order for make an over. Escorts can explain to you how this works in much more details and give you a list of all the fouls that can be made in this part of the game.

The main goal in the game is to score as much runs as possible while the opposite team tries to end to the playing team’s innings. Escorts can give you a much more detailed overview of the whole game, as well as something more, if you want. The biggest mistakes and the most often ones are touching or hitting the ball more than once when batting. Every escort will tell you also that the batsmen has to pay attention while the batting is going on, or he will be out of the game.