WWE Money in The Bank 2013 Live PPV Results 14 July 2013

WWE Money in The Bank 2013 Live PPV Pay-Per-View Results 14 July 2013 Sunday Day. Money in the Bank (2013) is an upcoming professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event (other PPV  events being the summer slam, night of champions , over the limit, hell in a cell, survivor series, tLC and WrestleMania XXX)powered by WWE. This even is to occur on July 14th Sunday, 2013 at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, being the 4th annual money in the bank event. On 14th July Sunday the event is to be held between the world WWE champion john cena and Mark Henry.

As the match goes on air on this Sunday, the fate of the WWE champion John Cena and his rival gets decided, the results can be seen online and on various sites that update the events details. Money in the bank features wrestlers form RAW and smack down, and portrays the two rivals one as a hero and the other as an enemy to attract the audience’s attention, this whole thing makes it all the way too much interesting and irresistible, all over the world the fans of both the wrestlers i.e.

John Cena and Mark henry are looking forward to this important event that is to be held on 14th of July 2013. Cenation is a term referred to the vast fan following of John Cena so in this particular event majority vote are for John Cena.  Mark henry who is a 400-pound plus heavyweight enemy is sure to agonize and jeopardize Cenas chances of winning this very significant match between them two,  with the superb physical edge Mark henry seeks not only for destruction but to steal away the WWE title from Cena and he seems pretty determined in this.

WWE Money in The Bank 2013 Live PPV Results 14 July 2013

WWE Money in The Bank 2013 Live PPV Results 14 July 2013

Results of PVV 14th July

  1. WWE Champion John Cena v Mark Henry
  2. World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio v Dolph Ziggler
  3. Money in the Bank All-Stars
  4. World Heavyweight Championship Contract Money in the Bank Ladder Match
  5. The Miz vs. Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel
  6. Divas Champion AJ Lee v Kaitlyn Chris Jericho v Ryback
  7. WWE Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns v The Usos (Kickoff Match)

Money in The Bank 2013 Live PPV Results

The managing supervisor of RAW Vickie officially announced this event on June 17th edition of RAW after Cena had defended his title following a tough fight with Ryback. Preceding this official announcement and deadly match on 16th of June 2013 the great heavy weight wrestler Mark Henry had announced his retirement which later proved to be a gimmick and was just targeted to make Cena not mentally prepared for the big game i.e.

Money in the bank 4th annual 2013.  i This very decisive match is to take place between John Cena and Mark henry in Philadelphia money in on 14th July 2013, the fans of Cena are looking forward to this game because of the title reign and bad physical state of Cena but let 14th decide who’s the winner. Most fans are however with John Cena, whose being considered the hero for this event. After the event takes place the results can be seen online, as there are 50-50 chances of either wrestler being the winner, Cena having the edge of being the WWE champion and Mark Henry being physically too strong.

WWE Money in The Bank 2013 Live PPV Results 14 July 2013, 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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